When Baldwin Park has a cold spell, you want to be ready. Defend Insulation Services are licensed and insured and have been proudly serving the local Baldwin Park area including Monrovia, Temple City, Arcadia, El Monte, Rosemead and Montebello. Our skilled insulation contractors can expertly install attic insulation in your home that will prevent cold air in your attic from seeping down into the living areas while at the same time preventing warm air in your home from escaping up and out through your attic. Attic insulation help keep your home cool in the warmer weather too so that you don’t have to turn up your air conditioning as high. Insulation saves money in energy costs in many different ways. When you hire Defend Insulation Services, we will custom design an energy-saving system that’s perfect for your particular needs! Our trained representatives will show you how much of what types of insulation are recommended and where to add it for the most benefit. We also offer complete attic clean up services to transform your attic from a place with smelly old, damaged and moldy insulation to a bright, clean and sealed place that is much less likely to attract rodents and other pests. Contact us today and let us help you start saving money!